What is What the Health?

What the Health? is a health promotion project for youth by youth. Members of What the Health? are 14-24 years of age who are focused on educating, mobilizing and advocating on health issues that affect their peers.

Youth and young adults who belong to the What the Health? team:

  • Learn health facts, how to design and run a health promotion campaign, and more about their community needs and supports
  • Develop skills in writing, new media, media relations, graphic design, team building, networking and other areas
  • Build relationships with supportive adults in their communities

What the Health? is a program of Oxford County Public Health & Emergency Services. For more information contact the Youth Engagement Coordinator, at 519-539-9800 ext. 3506 or toll-free at 1-800-755-0398 or email wth@oxfordcounty.ca

What's happening?

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